Simply Nailogical

Who is Simply Nailogical?

Simply Nailogical is a Canadian internet beauty persona who is active on YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms. Her channel is focused on nail art and is famous all over the world. Her real name is Cristine Raquel Rotenberg, and she was born on 17th October 1988 in Ontario.

Early life and education of Simply Nailogical

Since she was 6 years old, Cristine was insured of her career as a content creator. As a child, she starred in multiple commercials, like Furby or Fib Finder, promoting children's games and products. She was having fun on the stage, and it provided her parents with resources for her further education. At the age of 13, she even got a role in the movie Charms for the Easy Life as a Young Sophia. She enjoyed this experience as well but had to put her acting career away in order to focus on her education. After high school, Cristine attended Carleton University, where she successfully finished and received a master's degree in sociology with a focus on criminology.

Simply Nailogical YouTube channel

After graduation, Cristine started a job at the Canadian government as an analyst. She was always interested in nail art and tried creating different shapes and forms on her own nails. Since she works in a serious workplace, her nails became her form of self-expression. Cristine joined YouTube and Instagram in 2014 under the nickname Simply Nailogical. As the title suggests, her videos were all about nails and nail polishes. At first, her content consisted of short 2-minute-long videos of her painting her nails. The videos used to be zoomed in on her hands, with the sound of typical background music. Although people were impressed by her skills, the videos weren't exactly entertaining. To act on people's suggestions, Cristine decided to add voiceovers to every other video and eventually, she showed her face to the world.

As Cristine's YouTube channel started gaining more and more followers, she started to get more relaxed. She continued sharing her incredible talent for nail polish designs and commented on each thing she did as if it was to a friend. She was kind of a collector as well and often reviewed different nail polish brands or compared all nail polishes of the same colour. Eventually, she got hooked on challenges.


Do you know the challenge where beauty influencers used to put a hundred layers of some product on themselves? Cristine invented it. One of her most popular videos is called 100+ Coats of Nail Polish #POLISHMOUNTAIN, which has over 26 million views. The title says it all: Cristine filmed herself as she put one layer on another until she created this strange mountain of nail polish on the top of her finger. This video skyrocketed, and Cristine gained millions of new subscribers in no time. She completed this challenge more than once and got hooked on these types of things.

Simply Nailogical's entartaining content

After this turnover of her content, there was no going back. Cristine started to search the internet and tried everything possible so her followers didn't have to. She created a miniature aquarium on her nail, made the infamous bubble nails and even cut little holes into her nails, so she could blow bubbles through them. Another part of her content consisted of trying weird products she bought on the internet. These items were promoted as life-changing tools, which are supposed to make pail painting easier. Cristine purchased a lot of them, from the cheapest to the most expensive ones, and tried them on camera to see if they actually worked. In most cases, the tools weren't at all worth the money. But it was clear that Cristine was having a lot of fun and her fans likewise.

Besides these experiments, which drew the most attention, Cristine wanted to share her knowledge as well and film some educational content. She made a series dedicated to nail health and how to take care of them, called Nail Care –Take Care of O'YO Nailz. In this series, she explains how to grow your nails, what products to use and most importantly, how to properly cut your nails. It may seem that this chaotic individual can't possibly have good tips, but it is quite the opposite. Not only is she well educated on the proper nail care, but she also has proof of how long and healthy her own nails are. Cristine loves to create nail art, but she isn't a fan of fake nails, at least for herself. She managed to grow long, healthy nails which serve her as the canvas she needs.

Holo Taco

If there was one word to describe the Simply Nailogical YouTube channel, it would be holo. To explain, Cristine is a massive fan of holographic topcoats and basically everything with a holographic finish. She bought probably every nail polish which promised a holographic look, and the good ones became her all-time favourites. In order to make it stand out, she started to refer to these nail polish designs as "Holo Taco". And since her audience was big enough to have their own title, Cristine began to call them Holosexuals.

This obsession of hers showed to be true when she announced working on her own line of nail polishes, the holographic ones especially. She launched her line in 2019 under the obvious name, Holo Taco. Her fans had been waiting for that moment for nearly two years, and when the line officially launched, it sold out within two hours. Holo Taco's specialization is in special-effects nail polishes, such as multi-chrome, shimmery and, of course, holographic.

Personal life of Cristine Rotenberg

Cristine is in a long-term relationship with Ben Mazowita. They met in 2012 and have been together ever since. Over the years, fans frequently asked Cristine why she isn't married and later even pushed Ben on social media to propose. Cristine wasn't happy about it and eventually made a few videos on the topic. Ben joined behind the camera, and they talked about their experiences with bad-ending marriages and what it represents for them. They explained that their love doesn't need to be on paper in order to be stable.

They also talked about their decision to be child-free because they both have important careers and overall other life goals. The fans understood it, and finally, some of them were happy to hear this kind of news. A lot of channels' content has changed after the influencers had kids and focused their attention on child stuff more than their original path. Fans love Cristine for who she is and fully respect her decisions in life, no matter if they agree with them or not.

Simply Not Logical and others

Cristine hasn't stayed at one YouTube channel but has added more through time. In 2020, she created the SimplyPodLogical channel, where she keeps records of her podcast. They decided to make a podcast with her partner Ben and talk about topics unrelated to nail art. They are both highly educated; therefore, they choose to share their thoughts with people who like to listen. Cristine's channel, Simply Not Logical, was created in 2015 to post vlogs. But since 2020, when she started streaming on Twitch, she used it to post highlights from said streams.

Cristine Rotenberg Scholarship

Cristine takes education very seriously and wants to make sure that her fans have access to good education as well. Occasionally, she provided some of her fans with tuition giveaways and scholarships, but it wasn't quite enough. In 2021, after she collected enough resources, she founded a permanent annual scholarship. It is called Cristine Rotenberg Scholarship for Academic and Creative Pursuits, and it is connected to her alma mater, Carleton University.

Interesting facts about Simply Nailogical

  • As of 2022, she is 33 years old.
  • Her zodiac sign is Libra.
  • Her height is 5'4'' or 163 cm.
  • Her weight is 55 kilograms or 121 lbs.
  • As a child, she was a star of many children-related advertisements.
  • She has a master's degree in sociology, with a focus on criminology.
  • She was nominated for Streamy Awards on four different occasions.
  • Her long-term partner is Ben Mazowita, although they decided to not get married.
  • As of 2022, her company Holo Taco sold over 1 million bottles of nail polish.
  • Her main YouTube channel has almost 8 million subscribers.
  • In 2019 she was the 19th most followed YouTube channel in Canada.