Coco Quinn

Who is Coco Quinn?

Coco Quinn is an American dancer and influencer who is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. Her full name is Coco Rochelle Quinn, and she was born on 7th June 2008 in Newport Coast, California, United States. She is known for posting pranks, challenges and dance videos on her social media.   

Early life of Coco Quinn   

Coco came from quite a big family with 3 siblings: one brother and two older sisters. Her brother's name is Tyler, and her sisters are Rihanna and Kaylee. Since her sisters liked to dance, Coco's mom was convinced that she would like it too. Her mom wanted Coco to achieve the best possible results and have a chance for a future career as a dancer. To achieve that, she signed Coco up for rhythmic gymnastics when she was just two years old. Because of that, Coco learned how to dance almost better than how to walk. Since she showed a talent for dancing, Coco was destined to experience her childhood through dance shows and competitions.   

Dance career of Coco Quinn   

Coco's parents decided to move the whole family to Los Angeles to provide their talented daughters with only the best care and possibilities. There they signed Rihanna, Kaylee and Coco to Dance Precisions, an elite dance studio. Unlike other studios, Dance Precisions accepted girls as young as 2 years old, which was perfect for Coco. All three sisters trained there and sharpened their skills to be able to compete in serious dance competitions. After some time, both Coco's sisters moved on to another dance studio called Just Plain Dancin'.   

One of the very first competitions Coco participated in was Showbiz Talent Competition in California. Even though she stood against other young talented dancers, Coco was able to obtain first place in the Petite Diamond line. After that experience, Coco went on to win multiple kids' dance competitions. Since she was so talented, Coco got the great opportunity to become a part of Molly's Monsters. Molly's Monsters was an elite competition team created as a part of Dance Precisions. Coco agreed and greatly profited from the deal: Not only she made close friends in the dance industry, but she also learned synchronised group dancing.   

Was Coco Quinn on Dance Moms?  

Since her dance career was so promising from the very beginning, it didn't take long for reporters to start knocking on Coco's door. While she was busy attending dance competitions since she was 7 years old, Coco's mom took care of marketing. In 2016, Coco wrote an article in a prestige dance-related magazine, Dance Spirit Magazine. Later that year, her mom got an invitation to participate in Dance Moms, an American reality show. After agreeing, Coco's life as a professional child dancer was captured by TV cameras.   

Acting career of Coco Quinn   

Besides being extremely talented in dancing, Coco grew up as a beautiful little girl. Since she learned a lot about facial expressions from dance shows, she was a natural actor, especially when she needed to get away with something. Because of that, her first acting gig came in 2016, when she was 8 years old. Coco got an opportunity to act as Kirsten Clarke in a TV series called Stitchers. Her next opportunity was a little more exciting as it involved acting and dancing at the same time. The movie was called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Coco got part of one of the main dancers on stage. In 2018, Coco got to play in a popular TV show called Mani.   

Coco Quinn on YouTube  

Even though it might seem weird to most people, Coco's mom had a hunch when Coco was just two years old that she was going to become an internet celebrity. To make sure she had some groundwork for that, Coco had a YouTube channel under her own name since she was 2 years old. At the time, Coco's future YouTube channel was operated by her mom, who used it as storage for her and her sisters' videos from dance classes. For example, one video included Coco's sister Kaylee, training in classical ballet at just 5 years old. For some reason, the video went viral and remained to be one of the most popular videos on Coco's channel, despite the fact that it doesn't have anything in common.   

Coco Quinn – Popular videos   

Once she was old enough to think of her own themes for videos, Coco took her YouTube channel into her own hands. Coco got inspired by other teen influencers and began inviting her friends to participate in pranks and challenges on camera. One of her most popular pranks was filmed on her boyfriend at the time, Gavin Magnus. When they were together, the couple filmed one of the most popular videos on Coco's channel. In the said video, they pretended to be married for 24 hours.   

What made Coco even more popular than her challenge videos was her singing career. Once she was old enough to understand lyrics, Coco learned how to sing all kinds of popular songs. Since producing music videos became trendy among influential teens, Coco hopped on the trend and began singing as well. Most of her songs are love songs, singing about love and broken heart, which are the most popular themes in popular music. Coco's most popular video is Selena Gomez – Rare (Cover by Coco Quinn & Gavin Magnus), with over 22 million views.   

Personal life of Coco Quinn   

As soon as she started dating, Coco's love life was on display. After all, her first romance came up from a broken relationship with two other teen celebrities. While hanging out with her friends from Piper's squad, Coco developed a crush on Piper Rockelle's boyfriend, Gavin Magnus. Lucky for Coco, Piper's relationship with Gavin looked doomed from the beginning as they fought all the time. Even though it ruined her friendship with Piper, Coco caught her window and kissed Gavin when she got the chance. They became a couple and began appearing everywhere together, including each other's YouTube channels.  

After they broke up, Coco decided to focus on herself, but destiny had other plans for her. In 2022, Coco fell in love with Euphoria TV series star, Javon Walton. They tried to hide their relationship at first, but since they were both internet celebrities, the media figured it out soon enough. As of 2023, they seem to remain in a happy relationship keeping their space from too much publicity.   

Coco Quinn on TikTok   

Since she grew up dancing all the time, Coco found herself on She enjoyed creating short choreographies, and she gained a small following during that time. But once ended and TikTok started, it opened a whole new chapter of Coco's online presence. She had found a platform which was built for dancing. Once she got familiar with the settings and the algorithm, Coco found a huge following on TikTok. From her own choreographies to popular TikTok dances, Coco made it all look easy and gained a huge following while doing it. She often invites other TikTok influencers to join her and dance on her account, which inspires millions of young girls.   

How much does Coco Quin earn? Net Worth  

As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 600 thousand US dollars. Besides financial prices from her dance competitions, Coco has other sources of income. While earning money from YouTube and TikTok, Coco sells her merch and makes brand deals at the same time. Her earnings are expected to grow even more in the next couple of years.   

Interesting facts about Coco Quinn   

  • As of 2023, she is 14 years old.   
  • Her zodiac sign is Gemini.  
  • She has three siblings: a brother Tyler and two sisters, Rihanna and Kaylee.  
  • Her mom signed her up for rhythmic gymnastics when she was just 2 years old.   
  • She attended Dance Precisions dance club alongside her two sisters since she was two years old.   
  • She was a member of a mini-elite dance competitive group, Molly's Monsters.  
  • She appeared on Dance Moms in 2016 alongside her sisters.   
  • She was an actress who played her part in some TV shows and movies, for example, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  
  • She dated Gavin Magnus before falling in love with Javon Walton.  
  • She used to be a part of Piper's squad.   
  • She has over 1,64 million subscribers on YouTube, with an additional 4 million followers on TikTok. 
  • Her most popular video is Selena Gomez – Rare (Cover by Coco Quinn & Gavin Magnus), with over 22 million views.  
  • As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 600 thousand US dollars.