Jack Vale

Who is Jack Vale?

Jack Vale is an American prankster and comedian who is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. He was born on 2nd September 1973 in Lodi, California. Besides his regular appearances on television, he is known for posting various pranks and challenges on his social media.   

The early life of Jack Vale  

Even though he was born in California, Jack spent most of his childhood in San Joaquin Valley. He was born as the youngest of 5 children, while most of his siblings were already adults. When Jack's father heard that his wife was pregnant, he decided to leave the family, resulting in Jack never knowing him. Even though Jack's siblings weren't living at home with them, they often visited, so Jack had many opportunities to get to know them. Years later, Jack's mom married another man, who became Jack's stepfather. Even though he was almost 20 years older than her, Jack liked how funny he was. Later in life, Jack stated that he may have gotten inspired by his stepfather to pursue a career in entertainment.  

Education of Jack Vale  

Even when he was a kid, Jack always loved performing in front of other people. He was the opposite of shy, always trying to make other people laugh. Every time his older siblings visited them, Jack would perform his own little shows in front of them and ask them their opinion. His inspiration came from Steve Martin and Jerry Seinfeld, besides other important people in Jack's life. Once he graduated from high school, Jack applied to college in Southern California and got accepted. He attended his classes for a brief moment before dropping out to pursue a career in entertainment. When it comes to his comedian education, Jack underwent his own training. He spent hours watching other stand-up comedians, learning their jokes and practising their tricks.   

Jack Vale before fame  

Ever since he became a teenager, Jack knew that he wanted to work in the entertainment industry. He always enjoyed making people laugh or inspiring them, so it wasn't a big surprise when he dropped out of college. Since there is no given path to becoming a comedian, Jack used to learn by making mistakes and learning from them. As soon as he felt confident enough, Jack began performing on small stages in local pubs. Since people generally enjoyed his performances, Jack began receiving invitations from other salons and businesses to perform at their place.   

One of his favourite gigs was when Dick Clark Productions reached out to him. As a kid, Jack loved watching a TV show called Bloopers and Practical Jokes. The show ended when he was a little older, but people apparently missed it. One day, Dick Clark Productions told Jack that they were planning on bringing the show back and wanted him to produce it. This way, Jack fulfilled his childhood dream.   

Jack Vale – Books  

While many people think that the best comedians always improvise, it couldn't be further from the truth. Jack, same as many others, learned a big portion of his tricks from other comedians who came before him. Once he became known for his pranks and jokes, Jack decided to pass his knowledge on. While many of his tricks are saved on videos, Jack wanted to write them down. During his career, he wrote several books on comedy theory and pranking in general. His most popular book is "The Naughty List: A Romantic Comedy Novella" from 2013. This book is a work of fiction that tells the story of a man who pretends to be Santa Claus in order to win back the love of his ex-girlfriend. Another popular book written by Jack is "Prank University: The Ultimate Guide to College Pranking" from 2014. This book is a guide to pranking in college, which includes tips and tricks for pulling off hilarious and creative pranks on campus.  

Jack Vale on YouTube   

Even though he enjoyed working as a stand-up comedian, Jack always wished for something more. Deep down, he wanted to become famous in his field. And while some people in the industry knew him, he wasn't anywhere near being actually famous. To reach a bigger audience, Jack created his self-titled YouTube channel in 2007. His first video was called Funny Bloopers Caught On Tape and showed a compilation of bloopers cut out of television shows. Later on, Jack moved to hidden camera comedy, but this video shows his earlier interests.   

The Pooter Pranks   

If there was some theme which Jack liked more than any other, it was easy humour. Pranks, which Jack decided to call Pooter Pranks, were usually situations which depended on a single sound. The sound in question was farting noise because it was a sound known to put a smirk on anyone's face. An interesting fact about Pooter Pranks: Jack is making the farting devices by himself, and he sells them on the side as well. Once the device is set, as well as the hidden camera, the show can begin. Jack's most popular videos are the ones with farting noises, where only a couple of people know what's going on. His most popular video is Elevator Farts 1, with over 12 million views. While farting noises in the elevator might seem like the most boring prank, Jack and his viewers enjoy it every time. Since the first video appeared, Jack filmed another 5 sequels.   

Jack Vale – Popular videos  

Even though they are very popular, farting videos aren't the only ones he films. On the other hand, the other pranks which Jack filmed were all more complicated. One of the popular pranks is called Paranoid. In the said prank, Jack films himself as he walks by a stranger and describes him in detail to an imaginary person on the phone. While this prank works as a social experiment as well, it makes people laugh. One of the most complex pranks Jack ever filmed was called The Social Media Experiment. To make it happen, Jack had to search for information on people in his area, and once he knew enough, he came to them and told them that he was a psychic. The point lay in people's reactions: They all reacted very differently from each other, even though they experienced the same thing.   

Jack Vale on Television  

Once he found his following on YouTube, Jack began getting offers to perform in a few Tv shows. Since he was no stranger to television, he accepted most offers and participated in many projects. In 2014, Jack appeared in a segment with Guillermo on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He was invited to attend the 53rd Grammy Awards and to prank a few celebrities in the process. His pranks were later broadcasted on Lopez Tonight. In 2014, Jack was invited to come to The View show. On the show, he was asked to explain his social experiments as well as his pranks.   

How much does Jack Vale earn? Net worth  

As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be over 4 million US dollars. Besides his huge following on YouTube, Jack earns money from his regular Tv show appearances. His other income makes up his writing, as he wrote and sold several books.   

Interesting facts about Jack Vale  

  • As of 2023, he is 49 years old.   
  • His zodiac sign is Virgo.   
  • His height is 6'1" or 185 cm.   
  • He grew up as the youngest of 5 siblings.   
  • He got inspired to humour people by his stepfather.   
  • He briefly attended a college in Southern California but dropped out to become a comedian.   
  • Before becoming famous, he worked for a few years as a stand-up comedian.  
  • He is happily married and has 5 kids.  
  • He wrote several books on comedy theory and pranking.   
  • His most popular book is "The Naughty List: A Romantic Comedy Novella" from 2013.  
  • He appeared on a few Tv shows, for example, The View and Jimmy Kimmel Live.   
  • He has over 1,68 million subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel.   
  • His most popular video is Elevator Farts 1, with over 12 million views.  
  • As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be over 4 million US dollars