Who are Jalals?

Jalals are Australian influencers and pranksters who are active on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and other social platforms. They created their shared YouTube channel in 2015, on which they collected over 270 million views so far. They are known for posting various pranks and challenges on their social media.   

Early life of Jalals  

When speaking of Jalals, we are referring to exactly three brothers who grew up in Melbourne, Australia. The oldest brother is called Max, who was born on 2nd February 1996. The youngest brother's name is Rebeen, and he was born in 1999. The middle child of those three is Arman, who was born in 1998. Since they were all born quite close to each other, the Jalal brothers grew close to each other. Max often used to help Rebeen and Arman with their homework and teach them his favourite games.  

Once they all grew to a certain age, they suddenly began fighting and arguing, which drove their parents insane. Since the situation at home became unbearable to anyone with ears, the brothers were punished multiple times for their behaviour. Since getting punished wasn't the brother's intention, they began thinking about their behaviour. Once they all calmed down, they realised that they would make a great trio. Getting close to each other would only benefit them if they managed to create a bond. Since then, the Jalal brothers began playing together again and helping each other out. Whenever they needed to blow off some steam, they pulled little pranks on one another. This era is supposedly the pure origin of the Jalal YouTube career.   

Education of the Jalals  

While there is little to no information about the Jalal brother's education, we do have some facts. Since the brothers joined social media at a very young age, there isn't much chance that they would get any higher education. The only confirmed information involves Rebeen, the youngest brother. A piece of information leaked a few years ago, saying that he was attending Lalor Secondary College. When he was 16 years old, he decided to drop out of school and pursue YouTube full-time, following the example of his older brothers.   

While they might not have any higher education, the Jalal brothers are talented enough to make up for it. Through their hard work and creativity, they managed to take place amongst the most popular pranksters on YouTube. Since the day they began pulling pranks on each other, they knew that they could make a living out of it. Whether they intentionally showed their work to their friends or they saw them playing with each other, the brothers always got the same response. They were advised by their family members and friends to film their pranks and post them on social media. Since it seemed like the perfect job for them, the brothers decided to give it a try.   

Jalals on YouTube  

Once they were entirely sure about their plan, the Jalal brothers created their shared YouTube channel in 2015. While most other YouTube pranksters began their careers by posting light-hearted pranks and jokes, the brothers decided for the complete opposite. Their first-ever YouTube video was titled Drive Thru Shooting Prank and collected millions of views before being deleted for good. In this video, the Jalals staged a prank at a drive-thru restaurant where one of them pretended to shoot an airsoft gun towards the employee serving them. The intent of the prank was to capture the shocked reactions of the employees.   

While it caused the brothers a lot of trouble, this video was the best marketing plan they could pull. Because of the instant media presence and other YouTuber's reactions, their channel became permanently known by millions of people. In a matter of weeks, they collected millions of new fans and subscribers. After all, the video set the tone for their future YouTube presence. Even though they received threats and hate comments, the trio's instant fame and publicity were undeniable.   

Controversial pranks of Jalals  

The Jalals' content is notorious for its controversial nature. Their pranks often blur the lines between comedy and real-life danger, creating situations that some viewers find uncomfortable or offensive. While their intention may be to entertain, the nature of their content has sparked intense debates about the ethics of their pranks and the potential harm they may cause to those involved. The brother's intention is to capture the raw, uncensored reactions of bystanders. Since usually, their first reaction is a complete shock, people find it that much more amusing. After all, people on YouTube often have problems drawing the line for their favourite creators.   

Jalals at court  

Not even a full year after their first video, the Jalal brothers had to face the consequences of their insensitive pranks. The fake shooting prank was just the beginning, which pushed them to create even crazier situations. In 2016, Max and Armin were asked to appear in court for their actions. They were accused of public intimidation and other cases, some even more serious. In an instant, the brothers came clean and confessed the realness of their videos. After some investigation, it became clear that the brothers never actually threatened anyone because all the "victims" from their videos were played by their friends or family members.   

The brothers ensured the court that they would never intentionally pull these kinds of pranks on uninvolved people. While this realisation was certainly an extenuating circumstance, it wasn't enough for the court to dismiss the case altogether. The court and prosecutor told the brothers an argument, which made them understand their actions better. "If a member of society was casually walking along and witnessed the events depicted on the video, it could understandably give rise to a frightening experience, especially given the seeming use of a firearm and the reaction of the actors as victims." After all the presented evidence and arguments, the brothers apologised for their actions and deleted all of the problematic videos from their channel.   

Jalals – Popular videos  

While being called in front of a court scared the brothers as well as educating them, they weren't going to stop filming pranks. Since then, they took it down a notch but kept filming pranks they enjoyed and which made them famous. To avoid scaring bystanders to death, the brothers transferred their pranks into the world of supernatural creatures and scary makeup. Their most popular video is Jalal Slender Man Prank Part 2, with over 65 million views. In this and other similar videos, the brothers hired some talented makeup artists to create horrifying faces on their friends or hired actors. These actors were then captured by a hidden camera, scaring bystanders. While their pranks remained controversial and scary instead of funny, they no longer broke any laws and rules.   

How much do Jalals earn? Net Worth   

As of 2023, their net worth is estimated to be over 400 thousand US dollars. Since they aren't fans of brand collaborations and deals, the brother's only income is from YouTube. Luckily for them, their channel remained very popular despite all the allegations and hatred towards them and their content.  

Interesting facts about Jalals  

  • As of 2023, Max is 27 years old, Arman is 25, and Rebeen is 24 years old.   
  • Their channel was created in 2015.  
  • Since then, it has collected over 270 million views in total.   
  • The Jalal brothers work as a close trio, sharing the rights to their content.  
  • They have over 4,6 million subscribers on their shared YouTube channel.   
  • Their first-ever YouTube video was titled Drive Thru Shooting Prank.  
  • The video, alongside others, caused the brothers to appear in court.   
  • They eventually had to apologise and delete all the controversial videos.   
  • Their most popular video is Jalal Slender Man Prank Part 2, with over 65 million views.  
  • As of 2023, their net worth is estimated to be over 400 thousand US dollars.