What is Whatever?

Whatever is a social media project focused on pranks, challenges and social experiments. It was supposedly co-founded by brothers named Brian and Luke. The project is mainly active on YouTube but manages accounts on Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms as well. Since 2005, the YouTube channel has collected over 960 million views in total on all its videos.   

Who is behind the Whatever channel?   

While the channel itself has been active for years, its ownership is still to be confirmed. The most reliable sources claimed that the project was created by two brothers: Brian and Luke. They were born and raised in the United States and have been making videos since they were teenagers. The brothers started making videos as a hobby, but as their channel grew in popularity, they decided to pursue it as a career. Over the years, they have created a wide range of content, including pranks, social experiments, parodies, and comedy sketches.   

With pranks and sketches came other people, who are nowadays listed as the founders of Whatever channel as well. Andrea Wendel is the name that appears on most pages as the creator and owner of the Whatever YouTube channel. While it might seem like a coincidence, Andrea's connection to the project is undeniable. One of the most popular videos on the channel was scripted, planned and acted out by Andrea herself. While there isn't a lot of information on Andrea either, we know that she was born and raised in Santa Barbara and that she began filming her own videos in her teenage years.   

Whatever on YouTube  

Whether it was just Brian and Luke or Andrea as well, the Whatever YouTube channel was created in 2005. However, the first video was uploaded on October 8, 2009, and was titled "A Hilarious Game of Tag". The video featured Brian and Luke, the founders of Whatever, playing a game of tag in public places such as malls and parking lots while trying to avoid getting caught by the other person. The video was shot with a handheld camera and had a simple, low-budget production value. The video was only about two minutes long and didn't have any commentary or explanation from the brothers. The video was well-received by viewers and quickly gained a following, setting the tone for the type of content that the Whatever YouTube channel would become known for.  

Andrea Wendel on Whatever   

While there was confusion about the ownership of the Whatever YouTube channel, there was no such confusion about the member's engagement. Even though Andrea Wendel probably wasn't at the channel's creation, she was definitely there when it got the most popular. The Whatever YouTube channel got the most popular around 2010-2015, mostly because of Andrea's involvement. During that time, the brothers already moved their content to more delicate themes. In 2014, the channel posted a video called Asking Guys for Sex (Social Experiment), starring Andrea Wendel as Jennifer.   

In the video, Jennifer goes around asking random men if they would have sex with her. The interactions are filmed by a hidden camera, and the video is edited to show various clips of her asking different men for sex. Some of the men are shocked or taken aback by her question, while others appear more receptive or even eager to participate.  

Whatever YouTube channel – Controversy   

Once the video of Andrea asking men for sex appeared on YouTube, it got a lot of different reactions. The purpose of the video was to highlight how some men may respond to such a direct request for sex and to explore issues of consent, gender roles, and societal expectations. The video sparked a lot of controversy and debate, with some viewers praising it for shedding light on an important issue, while others criticized it for being exploitative or disrespectful to women. In response to the backlash, the Whatever YouTube channel issued a statement defending their video, stating that they had conducted the experiment in a safe and consensual manner and that the purpose was to start a conversation about an important social issue. While the video remains controversial, it has been viewed over 9 million times and has generated a lot of discussion about consent and gender dynamics.  

Whatever YouTube channel – Popular videos  

While it might seem that Andrea was the one who began the controversial theme, it was not the case. Andrea's video was just the tip of the iceberg, which threatened to sink at one point. There were other, more controversial videos on the channel. The funny aspect of all of this was that the most controversial videos were the most popular ones. The most popular video is Drowning Baby Prank, with over 76 million views. In the said video, a man approached strangers in public and asked if they could take a photo of him with his baby. While the strangers were taking the camera, the stroller began moving towards the open sea, with a baby inside of it.   

The hidden camera captured people's reactions to the approaching disaster. While some people began screaming, not able to move, some were ready to jump into the water immediately. The purpose of the prank was to provide comedic entertainment, but it has also sparked controversy and criticism from some viewers who felt that it was mean-spirited or disrespectful to the participants.  

Whatever – Dating Talk  

In the last few years, the Whatever channel has been exploring its limits and possibilities. One of the most successful outcomes of their exploration was the Dating Talk podcast. The podcast aims to provide insights into the challenges and opportunities of dating in different cultural contexts and to encourage viewers to think critically about their own assumptions and biases. Every episode is focused on some challenging theme, always discussed by another group of people. The Whatever YouTube channel is known for producing content that is both entertaining and thought-provoking, and its dating-related videos are no exception. By exploring topics such as communication, gender roles, and cultural differences, they provide a deeper understanding of the complexities of human relationships. They also try to encourage greater empathy and understanding among their viewers.  

How much does Whatever earn? Net Worth  

As of 2023, its net worth is estimated to be over 1 million US dollars. The Whatever YouTube channel has been active since 2009 and has amassed over 1 billion views on its videos, which has likely resulted in a significant amount of revenue from ads and sponsorships. In addition, the Whatever YouTube channel has collaborated with several major brands and media companies, including Pepsi, Netflix, and MTV, which may have generated additional income.  

Interesting facts about Whatever  

  • The channel was created in 2005.   
  • The first video was published in 2009.   
  • The channel was probably created by two brothers: Brian and Luke.   
  • On the other hand, Andrea Wendel is listed as the creator and owner of the channel on the most accessible internet pages.   
  • Andrea Wendel was confirmed to star in the channel's videos.   
  • The channel is focused on pranks, challenges and social experiments.   
  • The Whatever YouTube channel has over 4,1 million subscribers and almost 1 billion views in total.   
  • The most popular video is Drowning Baby Prank, with over 76 million views.  
  • As of 2023, its net worth is estimated to be over 1 million US dollars