Arner Adventures

Who is Arner Adventures?  

Meet Shannon and Gerry Arner, accompanied by their beloved rescue pet, Betty White, based in North Carolina. Following their entrepreneurial journey, which demanded round-the-clock efforts, a pivotal lifestyle shift was in order. They chose to seize life's fullest potential.  

Taking bold steps, they sold their previous home, streamlined their possessions, and relocated to the coastal surroundings. Embodying the spirit of wanderlust, Shannon and Gerry embrace a minimalistic yet enriching lifestyle. Every day becomes an unfolding adventure, a testament to their philosophy that life's moments are meant to be lived to the fullest. Their hope is to kindle the same spark of inspiration within others.  

They are true travel inspirations. After running their own business for a while, they got tired of the everyday routine and decided to switch things up. So, they sold most of their stuff and moved to the beach for a life full of adventures. And guess what? They love every moment and never look back! Looking for more travel inspiration? Well, Gerry and Shannon are the ones to follow. They're living their best life and showing us all the amazing things they're up to. Their new lifestyle is seriously awesome, and we're pretty sure they have no regrets about it.  

Whether they're chilling on their porch or exploring faraway places, their content is totally relatable and genuine. Also, Gerry and Shannon know how to team up with brands. They've done a few collaborations before, so they're pros at it.  

Interesting facts about Arner Adventures  

  • They are based in North Carolina.  
  • Shannon and Gerry were former business owners who experienced the demanding nature of running their own businesses.  
  • They made a conscious choice to switch gears and prioritize a life of fulfilment and adventure, leading them to sell their house and downsize.  
  • The couple opted for a coastal relocation, showcasing their dedication to embracing new experiences and surroundings.  
  • Shannon and Gerry embody a wanderlust lifestyle, emphasizing the value of minimalism while fully savouring each day's potential.  
  • They aspire to inspire others by demonstrating that life's moments are best lived with enthusiasm and a sense of adventure