Ava Roxanne

Who is Ava Roxanne?  

Ava Roxanne is an influencer from the United States, and she's an experienced traveller who loves exploring luxury places, especially spas around the world. She is also known as a spa expert for USA Today and a travel writer. You can find her under the nickname spatravelgal on Instagram.

Ava Roxanne on social media 

Her Instagram is full of fantastic destinations, fancy spa visits, comfy robes, delicious food, and stunning views. She shares her luxury travel experiences with everyone

Imagine having a Quiche Lorraine while cruising on a French canal, enjoying spa days in VIP lounges, relaxing in an infinity pool, or having a fancy tea while gazing at Switzerland's beautiful mountains. Ava's travels are truly extraordinary. 

Collaborations of Ava Roxanne 

If you want to know more about spa travel, luxury trips, and wellness travel, you can visit Ava's blog. She shares her experiences and knowledge there. Ava also collaborates with brands like Travel Birds, Babbel, and several hotel brands as an influencer. 

Interesting facts about Ava Roxanne 

  • She is an experienced traveller who specializes in exploring luxurious destinations, particularly luxury spas around the world. 
  • She is recognized as a spa expert by USA Today
  • Ava is also a travel writer who shares her travel experiences through the written word. 
  • Her Instagram is a treasure trove of luxurious travel experiences, featuring spa visits, fine dining, comfy robes, and breathtaking views. 
  • Ava maintains a blog where she shares more about her experiences and knowledge in the realms of spa travel. 
  • Ava collaborates with various brands, including Travel Birds, Babbel, and several hotel brands.