Brooke Saward

Who is Brooke Saward?

Brooke Saward is an Australian travel influencer and blogger who is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. She was born on 3rd September 1991 in Australia. She is known for posting travel-related advice and aesthetic pictures on her social media. On her platforms, she goes by the nickname WorldOfWanderlust.  

Early life of Brooke Saward   

Growing up, Brooke was always a curious child who liked to explore the wilderness, even though it was only the small forest behind her parent's house. She got so used to Tasmania that she never stopped calling it her home, even after she became a full-time traveller. When it comes to her passion for travelling, Brooke experienced it at a very young age. Besides her other interests and hobbies, Brooke grew up with a beautiful voice and a talent for singing.   

After years of practice, it opened a great opportunity for her. As a young girl, Brooke was invited to Hong Kong to sing at a movie premiere there. Once she arrived there, alongside her parents, she fell in love. The city was so different from her home in Australia, but it was beautiful and unique in its own way. This was the memory that sparked her passion for travel in the future.   

Education of Brooke Saward   

After graduating from high school, Brooke sent an application to a local college, ready to take her education to the next level. Since she was always smart, Brooke decided to study law and international relations. It was a 5-year studying program, but Brooke felt confident. In the end, it wasn't about Brooke's grades as much as about her dedication to the cause. Even though she was able to accomplish all her assignments, Brooke started to feel bored and realised that she didn't enjoy herself anymore. After a debating competition with the Harvard team, Brooke went home and did a little bit of soul-searching. During that time, she realised that being a lawyer wasn't meant to be her future.   

Once she had made the decision, Brooke had to figure out how to inform her parents of the cause. After a little bit of self-talk, Brooke decided to stand straight and go talk to them about her future. Even though Brooke was scared about her parent's reaction, they surprised her. They wanted her to at least get a degree, but they didn't demand more years of her life to study law. Brooke agreed and finished her degree in Internationa relations. Luckily, she was able to finish her last year by distance while beginning to travel.   

World Of Wanderlust – Blog  

Brooke created her blog in 2012 as a tool to keep all her memories, photos and thoughts together. At the time, she had already travelled to come countries, preferably in Asia, as Brooke found the culture fascinating. She usually posted a few photos on her blog alongside some brief text about the location, the food and the people around. After some time, Brooke realised that she was quite a demanding traveller as she enjoyed dining at local restaurants and staying at hotels. Once her blog took off and found its audience, Brooke decided to try her luck and reached out to some foreign hotels.   

In the beginning, Brooke couldn't even dream of staying at the hotel for free, and she was aware of her situation. She usually wrote an email to the hotel staff and asked them if she could write a review on the hotel. She paid for everything, and after she got home, she wrote her thoughts on the hotel, its restaurants and its customer service as well. After a few successful reviews, the tables have turned. Instead of Brooke writing emails to the hotels, the hotel managers began reaching out to her, asking her to write a review of their accommodation. While they didn't pay Brooke anything, she usually got a complimentary free stay in exchange for her critique.   

Brooke Saward on Instagram  

Once she found her audience on her blog, Brooke wanted to widen her horizons and decided to create an Instagram account at the end of 2012. In her early days on social media, Brooke had a feeling that she had found a gap. She knew at least a hundred successful makeup and fashion channels, but not a single one travel related. So, she decided to try her luck and began posting about countries and destinations the same way makeup influencers posted about different brands. Just a few months in, Brooke already noticed a difference as she got more and more followers. While her blog remains to be her main domain, Brooke was able to fill a gap in the market for a while.   

How much does Brooke Saward earn? Net worth   

As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 1,5 million US dollars. Brooke makes money out of her blog, which nowadays has over 5 million loyal readers. On top of that, she published more than three books which she wrote about travelling.   

Interesting facts about Brooke Saward  

  • As of 2023, she is 31 years old.   
  • Her zodiac sign is Virgo.   
  • She grew up in Tasmania, Australia, alongside her parents.   
  • As a child, she was invited to Hong Kong, where she was meant to sign at a movie premiere.   
  • She created her travel blog, WorlfOFWanderlust, in 2012.   
  • She studied Law and International Relations at university. She eventually dropped out of law school but graduated with a degree in International Relations.   
  • She usually gets complimentary free stays at hotels in exchange for a review on her blog.   
  • She has over 5 million readers on her blog, with an additional 600 thousand followers on Instagram. 
  • She published over three books about travelling the world.   
  • As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 1,5 million US dollars