Colleen Travels

Who is Colleen Travels?   

Colleen Travels is an American travel influencer who is active on TikTok, Instagram and other social platforms. Her real name is Colleen Roden, and she was born in Wisconsin, United States. She is known for posting travelling advice and aesthetic pictures on her social media.   

Colleen Travels – Instagram   

If there's one thing clear about Colleen, it is that she is always up for an adventure. With an insatiable love for exploration, she's a macro-influencer that takes you along on her exciting journeys, leaving no travel destination uncharted. Just a glance at her captivating hashtags like #bucketlist, #exploremore, #islandlife, #instatravel, and #worldtravel will ignite your wanderlust and have you ready to pack your bags for your next thrilling expedition with Colleen. Since she knows how to use her influence right, Colleen is followed by hundreds of thousands of fans on Instagram.  

Colleen Traves – TikTok  

Are you at home, unable to decide where to travel on your next vacation? Join Colleen on a virtual tour of the stunning Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre. Experience the glitz and glamour of fabulous Las Vegas through her eyes. Get transported to a charming Teepee in the heart of Hudson, Colorado. Be enchanted by a picturesque chapel nestled in the woods. Soak up the beauty of summer sunsets and hot air balloons soaring through the skies. And prepare to be mesmerized by the crystal-clear waters of Lake Tahoe, possibly some of the clearest in the entire USA.  

But it's not just about the places. Colleen's vibrant personality shines through as she takes you on a hilarious journey through "The Office" in Chicago, giving you the chance to capture your own #TheOfficeExperience.  

Colleen Travels – The overall experience   

For Colleen, travel and food are a match made in heaven. Alongside her exhilarating adventures, she dishes out delectable dining tips and recommendations, ensuring that you never miss out on the freshest seafood and culinary delights wherever you go. Colleen's Instagram feed isn't just a glimpse; it's an immersive experience. You're not left behind; you're right there beside her, soaking in the excitement and gathering inspiration to embark on your own escapades. Beyond stunning landscapes and culinary treasures, Colleen shares a wealth of knowledge.   

From travel hacks that make your journeys smoother to essential beauty products that support your well-being while on the go, she provides comprehensive insights into her travel lifestyle. As she pointed out in one of her TikTok videos, Colleen is ready to take the next step as an influencer. She is looking for meaningful collaborations with travel-related brands to be able to offer more content for her followers.   

Interesting facts about Colleen Travels  

  • She is from Wisconsin, United States.  
  • She fearlessly dives into diverse destinations, embracing the thrill of the unknown.  
  • Her most used hashtags are #bucketlist, #islandlife, and #worldtravel.  
  • Travel and food go hand in hand for her, as she shares dining tips and culinary experiences along her journeys.  
  • Her travels span a diverse range of enchanting experiences.  
  • She immerses herself in pop culture, including sharing her own spin on "#TheOfficeExperience."  
  • Beyond travel, Colleen offers valuable insights, sharing tips on travel hacks and wellness products.