From Colmar to the Moon

Who is From Colmar to the Moon?   

Let's introduce you to an amazing travel influencer based in the heart of Paris. With her multilingual charm, she's inviting over 20,000 followers to join her global adventures – and we couldn't be more grateful for the journey.  

Passion and enthusiasm radiate from her content. Each post she shares is a testament to her love for travel and her vibrant approach to life. Beyond the typical Parisian landmarks, she expertly guides us through the hidden gems and lesser-known wonders of the city.  

Besides travelling and admiring foreign cultures, this influencer likes taking good care of her body. While travelling doesn't allow her to visit the gym daily, she adds a few exercises to her daily routine wherever she is. Her favourite way of exercise is visiting free-to-public open yoga training in the park. Surprisingly, these public workouts are quite common in most parts of the world; only the movements change a little bit.   

But that's not all – her explorations go beyond France. She takes us along on her exhilarating escapades, spanning from the lush landscapes of Costa Rica to the enchanting streets of Hungary and beyond. Every scroll through her feed is a reminder that life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and she's the perfect companion for the ride!  

Interesting facts about From Colmar to the Moon  

  • She didn't reveal her real name yet, as she wants to keep most of her personal information private.  
  • She is based in the captivating city of Paris, adding a touch of romance and culture to her travel experiences.  
  • With her mastery of multiple languages, she effortlessly connects with a diverse global audience, making her content accessible and relatable.  
  • Beyond the iconic Eiffel Tower, she takes us on a journey through the lesser-explored corners of Paris, unveiling its hidden treasures.  
  • Her travels span across continents, from the tropical beauty of Costa Rica to the historical charm of Hungary, showcasing her versatile and worldly exploration.  
  • Through her vibrant and passionate content, she weaves compelling narratives that inspire and captivate her growing community of over 20,000 followers