Who is Geeves?   

Meet Geeves, a travel enthusiast based in the United States who is all about keeping it real. She might not call herself an influencer, but she sure knows how to share honest reviews and tips about her travel experiences. We really appreciate people like her who stay genuine.  

When it comes to travel, Geeves is a huge foodie, too – because, let's be honest, food and travel go together like peanut butter and jelly. Geeves doesn't churn out blogs every day, and you know why? She's out there living those experiences she later writes about. That's some true authenticity right there. Since she keeps it real with her audience, Geeves has already attracted more than 10 thousand followers to her page.   

And it's not just reviews; she also gives some practical advice that's actually helpful, like suggesting comfy shoes for walking vineyard trails and reminding us that even on vacation, it's okay to take a rest day and just chill. Geeves approaches travel with so much confidence and passion that it's hard not to get drawn into her world. If you're on the hunt for influencers who create amazing travel content, teaming up with Geeves is a great idea!  

Interesting facts about Geeves   

  • Geeves stands out for her genuine and real perspective on travel, providing honest reviews and practical tips to her audience.  
  • Despite her influence, she doesn't label herself as a typical influencer, focusing instead on sharing her true experiences.  
  • A self-proclaimed food lover, Geeves combines her love for travel with her appreciation for different cuisines and culinary experiences.  
  • Geeves prioritizes experiencing destinations firsthand, often delaying blogs to fully immerse herself in her travels before sharing with her followers.  
  • Alongside reviews, she offers valuable practical advice, such as suggesting appropriate footwear for specific activities and encouraging self-care even during vacations.