Jack Morris

Who is Jack Morris?

Jack Morris is a British photographer and a travel influencer who is active on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and other social platforms. He was born on 10th October 1990, in England. He is known for posting travelling tips and photos on his social media. He often comes by the name DoYouTravel.  

Early life of Jack Morris   

Jack picked up a camera for the first time when he was just 9 years old. He admired beautiful photographs and video shots since he was a child and wanted to make them as well. Since his parents wanted him to follow his dreams, they gifted him an old VHS camera for his birthday. Since that day, Jack could be seen running around his friends with a camera, capturing even the least important moments. While photography didn’t mean anything more than a word to him at the time, Jack cherished those moments as they taught him the basics of his favourite hobby.   

Another event that shaped Jack into the man he is today happened when he was attending high school. When attending high school, Jack would often get bored as he didn’t have to study much. To make something good out of it, Jack’s parents let him attend skateboarding meetings at the skate park. Little did they know that it would grow onto Jack. As he got older, Jack learned skateboarding so well that he received a scholarship. Since that day, he has been chased and surrounded by photographers and videographers. Since they were professionals, Jack couldn’t resist but to ask them all kinds of questions. That time could be considered his first training to ever become a photographer.   

Jack Morris before fame   

While skateboarding and learning about photography at the same time, Jack had to start looking for a job. He was just about to graduate high school and had to find a steady income to sponsor his hobbies. Since he didn’t really care about his profession, Jack took a job as a carpet cleaner. The job was simple enough to make enough money and come home to something more fun. At the time, that was Jack’s idea of creativity. He would go to his boring 9-5 job, do his time, come back home and then start learning about photography or skateboarding.   

Jack tolerated this lifestyle of his for almost five years before realising that he might want something more from life. Suddenly, he was tired from his job and was becoming bored with his hobbies. He was thinking about doing some small change to keep him busy but never got to it. Finally, one day, Jack woke up with the thought that he was about to change his whole life. He stopped looking for excuses and booked the first no-return flight to Bangkok. Once he realised what he had done, Jack packed his belongings and his camera and went to travel the world.   

Jack Morris – Early content  

Once he arrived in Bangkok, Jack only then realised how spontaneous his idea was. He had booked a one-night room in a cheap hostel with almost no money and no ticket back. At the time, in the early 2010s, Instagram was just taking off, and Jack was right there. He created his page just for fun, mainly to have a place to store his travelling photos. Since he was there early and was one of the first travel influencers on the platform, Jack quickly collected over 50 thousand followers. He didn’t think much of it since he had no technique or style whatsoever. But suddenly, Jack began receiving messages from various companies asking him to post an advertisement for some sum.   

Since he had little to no money and a lot of dreams, Jack agreed to most of those requests. Some companies sent him just a photo to share with no policy or explanation whatsoever. Because of that, Jack created a series of repost pages where he felt comfortable sharing the ads. Since it was earning him money, Jack made 15 pages like that, all just for sharing advertisements. Between these pages, Jack had probably over 500 thousand followers, and all their likes were making him money.   

Jack Morris on Instagram  

Circling between his advertisement pages, Jack suddenly realised that he didn’t post anything from his heart anymore. He initially joined Instagram to post things he was passionate about, but it all went away to make room for profitable content. At that moment, Jack realised that it felt like boring work again. He left his job to be finally free and passionate and ended up doing the boring work again, just some other kind. While he liked making money, Jack didn’t want to be the guy who travelled just to sit in his hotel room and work. So, he decided to sell all of his paid pages and created his own project called DoYouTravel.   

Since creating DoYouTravel, Jack began travelling for fun again, taking photos and meeting new people. This time, it was unexpected when people began reaching out to him, encouraging him to post more. Just then, Jack began learning about editing and taking the right photos. There was no handbook on travelling photography as it wasn’t very popular at the time.   

Jack Morris – Photography   

Once he had the chance to learn enough things and to test his photos on social media, Jack found his own style. The first thing he learned was finding the right light, as it could change the feeling and the quality of the photo. Jack personally liked taking photos during the golden hour, as it gave his photos a special feeling. His other requirement was finding a clean environment where nothing disturbed the photo. Jack didn’t like the messy environment, as it completely ruined their final feeling for him.   

The hardest part by far was incorporating himself into the photo, so it wouldn’t look tacky and cheap. Being a travel photographer brings out the possibility that every photo could turn into a family holiday picture when done wrong. After years of practice, Jack found out the best way to incorporate himself into the picture, so he wouldn’t ruin it. He usually takes a photo of himself that way, which would add perspective about how big the landscape is. The rest comes out naturally. After years of practice, Jack can easily spot a good photo in a blink of an eye. He just needs something to catch his eye so he can eternalise it for everyone to see.   

Personal life of Jack Morris  

While he made his success possible all by himself, Jack never hid the fact that he had company on most of his travels. Jack met his ex-girlfriend, Lauren Bullen when he was visiting Fiji in 2016. Since they were both solo travellers, they found comfort in talking and sharing stories. They decided to travel together for a while, and before long, they became a couple. Lauren was an Instagram influencer as well, which turned out to be helpful. As they were both photographers, they often helped each other to get the perfect photo. And since they both were posting photos on Instagram, their shared salary made it possible for them to live in luxury.   

After some time together, Lauren and Jack bought a property in Bali, where they enjoyed their stay the most. They were admiring their laid-back lifestyle and cheerful people all around. Unfortunately, the couple became obsessed with taking the perfect photo to the point when it felt like a job again. In 2021, Jack and Lauren announced their breakup after 5 years together. Jack admitted that he always wanted to take the best picture, so he forgot to enjoy the experience for himself. It just began feeling like a job more than a joy.   

Jack Morris – Popular photos   

Since 2014, when he started posting his travel photos, Jack has posted thousands of pictures to his page. From sharp-edged cliffs in Zakynthos, through photogenic beautiful streets in Greece to Cappadocia with its hot air Balloons. But from all the photos, his fans have always shown their favourite. The photo with the most feedback by far was taken in Kenya, in Giraffe Manor. Giraffe Manor was a small cafeteria in Kenya where giraffes were often found sticking their heads to the window, looking for some leftovers. Jack managed to capture a photo of him and Lauren having a calm breakfast while two giraffes were sticking their heads through the window on their table.   

How much does Jack Morris earn? Net worth  

As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be over 10 million UD dollars. Since he began travelling, Jack has collected millions of fans all over the world. On top of that, he agreed to several brand deals and sponsorships to be able to afford his lifestyle. Since the beginning, his savings have grown as fast as his follower count.   

Interesting facts about Jack Morris  

  • As of 2023, he is 32 years old.   
  • His zodiac sign is Libra.   
  • He got his first old VHS camera when he was just 9 years old.   
  • He received a skateboard scholarship when he was 16 years old.   
  • Once he graduated from high school, Jack got a job as a carpet cleaner.   
  • He treated his photography passion as a simple hobby.  
  • He began travelling by buying a one-way ticket to Bangkok one day.   
  • He initially made money by posting various advertisements on his Instagram account.   
  • He has over 2,6 million followers on his Instagram account.   
  • His profile used to be called DoYouTravel before Jack changed it to his own name.   
  • His ex-girlfriend, Lauren Bullen, is a travel influencer as well.   
  • They, unfortunately, parted ways in 2021.   
  • As of 2023, Jack’s net worth is estimated to be over 10 million UD dollars.