Jackie Mesa

Who is Jackie Mesa?  

Jackie Mesa is from Florida, United States, and she's a fun and adventurous influencer. She loves sharing the things and experiences she really enjoys. Her content usually consists of colourful and fun images, as she loves spreading only joy and love.  

On her Instagram, Jackie's posts are like a burst of excitement. Her lively and youthful energy makes you love her from the very first post. She shares creative content, from posing at Hollywood studios to taking epic pictures at the Island of Adventure. You'll find yourself scrolling for more. 

Jackie Mesa on Instagram 

Jackie is not just fun; she's also a talented creator and influencer. She makes informative travel videos like "Visiting All Four Disney Parks in Orlando" and "Best Places For Pictures at Magic Kingdom." She even talks about places like Key West in Florida. 

If you're into Disney, you'll adore Jackie's Disney-themed content, from castles to her impressive collection of Mickey Ears. She really knows how to create magic on social media.Her Instagram is full of her exciting travel and lifestyle experiences, and you can't get enough of it. 

Jackie Mesa on social media 

And if you like her bubbly personality, you should check her out on TikTok too. Her short skits are sure to bring you joy alongside some valuable info about Jackie’s next destination. For lifestyle and travel brands looking for a fun micro-influencer, Jackie is an excellent choice. She has an Amazon shop, which makes her great for Amazon collaborations. 

Interesting facts about Jackie Mesa  

  • Jackie is based in Florida, USA, which suggests that she might often feature content related to this region. 
  • She is passionate about travel and shares her adventures and experiences on social media. 
  • Jackie is described as having a lively and outgoing youthful energy, which likely contributes to her engaging online presence. 
  • She creates diverse content, ranging from posing at Hollywood studios to capturing epic shots at places like the Island of Adventure, showcasing her creativity. 
  • Jackie shares informative travel videos, providing valuable information on topics. 
  • She has a particular fondness for Disney, as seen in her Disney-themed content, including castles and her Mickey Ears collection
  • In addition to Instagram, she's also active on TikTok, expanding her online presence to different social media platforms.