Jess Living Abroad

Who is Jess Living Abroad?  

Let's talk about Jessica Haynie – she's a big fan of Southern culture and all things Samurai. What's interesting is that she splits her time between two cities – Atlanta and Tokyo – to really soak up the vibes of both places. 

Now, who would've thought that Southern and Samurai could blend so well? Jessica's doing something right, her engagement rate is an impressive 23.3% – that's really high! She's definitely bringing a fresh and unique vibe to the world of travel influencers. One of the little things she does to spice up her Instagram is creating cute colourful pictures for her highlighted stories. This way, anyone crossing through her channel is too tempted to not check them out.  

Take a look at her Instagram, and you'll be treated to some seriously beautiful pictures. She's got an eye for capturing amazing views, ones you can only find in Atlanta and Tokyo. Oh, and did we mention she's a bit of a comedian too? Jessica adds a fun twist by highlighting the cultural differences between her two cities with humour. It's all part of her charm! 

Interesting facts about Jess Living Abroad 

  • Jessica embraces a unique blend of interests, combining her love for Southern culture and Samurai influences, showcasing a diverse and distinctive perspective. 
  • Splitting her time between Atlanta and Tokyo, Jessica fully immerses herself in both cities' cultures, offering a firsthand experience of two distinct worlds. 
  • With an astonishing engagement rate of 23.3%, Jessica stands out as a dynamic and captivating presence in the travel influencer arena. 
  • Her Instagram is a treasure trove of stunning imagery, capturing the beauty and essence of both Atlanta and Tokyo through her keen photographic eye
  • Jessica adds a lighthearted touch to her content by infusing humor into the cultural differences she encounters, showcasing her witty and relatable personality.