Kailah Fredette

Who is Kailah Fredette? 

Meet Kailah and her family, who are on a mission for real adventures and to have more control over their money and where they live. And guess what? They're actually making it happen! 

And they're not doing it alone – they have their two kids with them. They're showing families that they can still have travel dreams even with little ones. They're active on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, so they share different stuff in different places. On Instagram, you'll get a visual taste of their travels that'll make you want to go on an adventure too. 

Facebook is where you'll find more informative things, like links to their travel videos. And on YouTube, they go into even more detail, showing you stuff you might not have seen on the other platforms. Kailah knows how to team up with brands. Kailah and her family have worked with travel and fashion brands, just to name a couple. And here's a secret – working together doesn't have to be just about travel. There are lots of cool possibilities for collaborations beyond that too. 

Interesting facts about Kailah Fredette 

  • Kailah and her family are on a mission to experience genuine adventures while achieving financial and locational independence. 
  • With their two kids, they're breaking the notion that travel dreams need to end when you have a family. 
  • They're active on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, each platform offering a unique glimpse into their explorations. 
  • Facebook is where they share more in-depth content, including links to their travel vlogs. 
  • Their YouTube channel goes beyond visuals, delving into finer details of their adventures. 
  • Kailah and her family have successfully partnered with various brands in travel and fashion, showcasing their versatility in collaborations.