Tanama Tales

Who is Tanama Tales?  

Let's introduce you to Ruth Rieckehoff, an explorer and blogger hailing from sunny Southern California. Her passion lies in inspiring meaningful and memorable experiences.  

With a heart for wild beaches, piers, and diverse ethnic neighbourhoods, Ruth's travel interests are as vibrant as the destinations she explores. Ruth's approach to travel is relaxed and easygoing. She's all about sightseeing and taking it easy, making her a delightful guide for those who appreciate a leisurely exploration.  

On her Instagram, Ruth shares her Southern California adventures and activities. If you're in the area, she's a must-follow for some great ideas on things to do and places to check out.  But her wanderlust knows no boundaries. Ruth takes us beyond the seas to European gems like Germany and the Czech Republic. Museums, architectural wonders, charming riverside houses in Frankfurt – her posts showcase a captivating variety of experiences that will surely pique your interest.  

For those hungry for more, Ruth's Tanama Tales blog is a treasure trove of content. Dive into intriguing posts like "Easy Day Trips from Palm Springs, California," "Exploring the Salton Sea," and "Unveiling Little Tokyo in Los Angeles." Get ready for a virtual journey through captivating tales and practical insights.  

Interesting facts about Tanama Tales  

  • Ruth is based in sunny Southern California, allowing her to share the beauty and charm of her home region with the world.  
  • Ruth's focus on inspiring, meaningful experiences highlights her passion for creating lasting memories and connections through her travels.  
  • Her love for wild beaches, piers, and ethnic neighbourhoods showcase her appreciation for the unique and diverse aspects of destinations.  
  • Ruth's relaxed and easy-going travel style invites others to embrace a leisurely approach to exploration, making her a relatable and enjoyable travel companion.  
  • Beyond her California roots, Ruth's adventures extend across the seas to European destinations like Germany and the Czech Republic, showcasing her curiosity for diverse cultures.  
  • Ruth's exploration of museums, architectural sites, and charming riverside houses adds a cultural touch to her travel experiences.  
  • Ruth's Tanama Tales blog offers curious readers a deeper dive into her adventures, featuring insightful posts about day trips, hidden gems, and vibrant neighbourhoods.  
  • As a go-to source for Southern California activities and sights, Ruth's Instagram serves as a valuable guide for those seeking local inspiration.