Travel Duo

Who is Travel Duo?  

Get ready for a heartwarming journey with this amazing mother-and-daughter team as they explore new places and make lasting memories together. While some people would see travelling with their mother as the worst nightmare, Nicole Baez always thought the opposite. Don't be fooled – travelling with your mom can be incredibly exciting! This dynamic duo has rocked out at concerts, bravely descended a cenote in Mexico, and even had a blast in Vegas! They've been globe-trotting partners for a while, sharing a strong love for adventure.  

Their Instagram page is a treat. It's a mix of breathtaking travel sights and a heartwarming bond between a mom and her daughter – something truly special. Guess what? Their Instagram is a hit! Lots of people like and engage with their posts, especially those between 18 and 44 years old. If you're on the lookout for travel influencers that attract a wide range of ages, Nikki and Pam should definitely be on your list.  

Nikki and Pam, as they like to call themselves, can be found under the nickname Mother and Daughter Abroad. They post on their Instagram with consistency, wherever they currently are. Whether they spend time on a beach or in the mountains, they love to inform their audience about it. Their social media accounts are especially attractive to girl moms, who are a part of their target audience. After all, how to better convince your teenage daughter to go on a vacation with you than showing her Pam and Nikki's Instagram page.   

Interesting facts about the Travel Duo  

  • Nikki and Pam form a close-knit mother-and-daughter team, sharing their travel adventures and bonding over new experiences.  
  • Their travels are filled with thrilling escapades, from rappelling down Mexican cenotes to exploring concerts and destinations like Vegas.  
  • They've been travelling together for a considerable time, showcasing a deep-rooted passion for exploration and shared moments.  
  • Their Instagram page captures not only stunning travel scenes but also a heartwarming and rare mother-daughter connection.  
  • With a solid engagement rate, their Instagram appeals to a wide age range, particularly those between 18 and 44 years old.  
  • They often attract family-friendly brands that offer them sponsorship deals and collaboration ideas.