Viaggia e Scopri

Who is Viaggia e Scopri?   

Let's introduce you to Gian Luca – one of the few men on this list. He hails from Italy, and since 2010, he's been a travel blogger who's all about sharing his awesome adventures and inspiring his followers. Even though he only posts in Italian, He has a massive following of over 50 thousand followers.   

Now, even if you don't speak Italian, don't worry! Gian Luca's posts are worth a look because his photos capture some incredible scenes. Besides his aesthetic photos, Gian has a great sense of humour. Some of his photos capture wild animals doing hilarious faces or pieces of art worth a little laugh as well.   

Take a peek at his content, and you'll notice his strong passion for architecture and art. What's cool is that his captions are super detailed – he highlights important features and gives you the historical scoop on those landmarks. Gian Luca has a unique approach to his travel content, and we're really digging it!  

Interesting facts about Viaggia e Scopri  

  • Gian Luca is an Italian travel blogger who has been sharing his adventures since 2010, making him a seasoned and experienced influencer.  
  • His content reveals a deep appreciation for architecture and art, showcasing his keen eye for capturing the beauty and significance of landmarks.  
  • Luca's captions stand out for their detailed descriptions, providing valuable insights into the historical and cultural significance of the places he visits.  
  • Even though his posts are in Italian, his captivating visuals transcend language barriers, allowing a wider audience to appreciate his work.  
  • Gian Luca's travel approach offers a fresh angle, combining his love for architecture, art, and historical context, which sets him apart in the travel influencer space.