Who is elded?

Elded is a Mexican YouTuber born and raised in Chicago, United States. His real name is Victor Paul Calderón. Victor is known on the internet under a couple of different names: elded, DED and Dedreviil.

Victor owns three different channels and shares one with a fellow content creator. These channels are elded, DED and dedreviil, which is currently labelled as inactive. Fourth channel name is Buenos Días Norteamérica which he shares with JuanSGuarnizo. 

Elded's private life

Victor has three daughters, Alyna, Angela and Amelia. Although he has three daughters, he is not currently married. Victor and his wife Rachel divorced. After some time, he dated a Mexican streamer Ahrileth, but they broke up. Victor now dates another streamer called Neptunie.

DED YouTube channel

Elded created this YouTube channel on November 24, 2014. It has accumulated more than 6 million subscribers. DED is known for its massive "troll" factor in games like Garry's MOD, GTA V and Minecraft. The breaking point for this channel was when elded's old friend AkimGames invited him to do some trolling on his channel. After this, elded started uploading more frequently and gained more than 700 million total views on the DED channel, making it his most popular channel. 

Elded is part of a group called “los Pingueros”. This group consists of elded, GamerBroz, AkimGames, SpartansCrewYT, ZilverK and AlanFTP. Los Pingueros stars in a series called Mamaland, which was very popular amongst their fans and, in the end, brought up a lot of nostalgia. Mamaland had few famous guests such as El mayo 97, El Trollino, MYM ALK4P ON3. 

His content currently consists of reviewing fan-made memes or watching fan-sent clips, reacting to YouTube trends, Reddit posts or his own gameplay. All of this is performed on his elded Twitch channel and then uploaded on YouTube. Elded mostly plays popular games like Minecraft, Fortnite, Rocket League, COD WARZONE. Still, you can also catch him playing less popular games like UNO

Elded YouTube channel

This channel was created on September 14, 2015. It was called deDOS. Here he uploads highlights from his Twitch streams and re-uploads videos from his main channel. DeDOS was renamed to dedpoio, as a joke because of the "repoio" meme and then renamed again to elded.

dedreviil YouTube channel

Dedreviil is Victor's first channel. It was created on September 4, 2009. This is the only channel where he speaks in English. Although it's Victor's first channel, it has the least viewers out of all four. Dedreviil has a little over 100,000 subscribers and is currently inactive.

Buenos Días Norteamérica YouTube channel

This channel was created on August 29, 2020. Victor shares this channel with his friend JuanSGuarnizo. They talk about the latest news and trending topics in the gaming industry.

Elded's personas

Elded uses multiple personas to troll the people he plays with. He creates these personas and their personalities himself.

The gringo is his first character. His full name is Ded El Gringo. Sometimes he tells the people being trolled that they want him to teach them English, intending to get them to say something funny without them even knowing.

Memito is the second persona he uses when trolling people. This one has an unusually high pitched voice. In the first video made with this character, he told people he is 11 years old, but later he made this character 18, possibly making him have this high pitched voice even weirder.

Captain Gargajo is the third character. He has superpowers and is also a "Superhero". The only issue is he can only use them when no one is looking.

How much does elded make per month? Net worth!

Elded never really shared this information, but according to some websites, his net worth is approximately $1.13m. Victor's monthly income from his YouTube content is $11.8k, and he gets roughly $1.3 per 1000 views.