Who is HasanAbi?

HasanAbi is a Turkish-American political commentator and streamer who is active on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms. His real name is Hasan Doğan Piker, and he was born on 25th July 1991 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States. He is known for posting content of all genres on his social media platforms.  

Early life of HasanAbi   

Even though he was born in America, Hasan spent most of his childhood in Istanbul, Turkey. Although his parents were both Turkish, they taught Hasan critical thinking instead of blindly accepting any religion. Since he was going to school in Istanbul, his classmates didn’t exactly appreciate his critical thinking towards Islam. Because of his opinions and little chubby figure, other kids often bullied Hasan. Luckily, Hasan made it through and kept his way of thinking for the rest of his life.   

Education of HasanAbi  

Once he graduated from high school, Hasan started looking for good universities. Since Turkey doesn’t have that many good universities and Hasan wanted to come back to the United States, he mainly looked overseas. His university of choice was the University of Miami, where Hasan stayed for two semesters. His parents persuaded him to change universities, and since he didn’t care, Hasan dropped out after his second semester. He started attending Rutgers University instead, where he decided to double major. Even though his choice was a tough one, Hasan made his studies look easy. He graduated and obtained a bachelor’s degree with honours with a double major in Communication Studies and Political science.   

The Young Turks   

Even though he studied a double major and definitely had enough work to do, Hasan managed to make enough time to look for an internship. Since he wanted to work somewhere close to his mindset, Hasan finally turned to his uncle, who introduced him to The Young Turks. The Young Turks is a political commentary show on YouTube, usually presenting progressive thinking. Hasan enjoyed his internship, which made him accept a job offer from them once he graduated. After graduation, Hasan was hired by the ad sales and business department but was soon transferred elsewhere. Since he showed knowledge in the area, Hasan made his way to becoming a host and producer of the show.   

Hasan continued contributing to the show with his great ideas, which earned him more trust in the end. As soon as he could, Hasan began thinking about and preparing his own show ideas, which he later presented. One of his first creations was a video series called The Breakdown, which discussed the left-wing political perspective considering Bernie Sanders. This series became so popular that it was nominated as The Best Web series of the 10th Shorty Awards. After that, Hasan helped to create a few more shows before announcing his departure from The Young Turks in 2020.   

HasanAbi on Twitch   

While he had a main platform on Facebook for some time, Hasan decided to shift to Twitch in 2018. During that time, he was still working for The Young Turks, but he felt like Facebook viewers were too right-wing-oriented. Hasan’s idea was to reach a younger audience and fill the lack of leftist streamers on Twitch. His political streams became so popular that they earned Hasan an invitation to Fox News and some political podcasts.   

During the presidential election in 2020, Hasan hosted several streams on the topic. When casually streaming while commenting on the first presidential debate, Hasan’s views went drastically up. He collected over 150 000 viewers during the stream, which made him the most-viewed channel streaming the debate. Soon after that, Hasan was approached by U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with quite an unusual offer. Hasan accepted the offer and, together with Pokimane, organised a stream where political Representatives played an online game called Among Us. Even though it might seem strange, the whole stream was meant to increase voter turnout in elections. It was streamed for the Get Out The Vote initiative, and it was very successful, attracting over 700 thousand viewers.   

Is HasanAbi a socialist?   

While streaming on Twitch and talking about important issues, Hasan made it clear which side is he on. He is usually seen as a progressive leftist with an agenda similar to democratic socialists. Because of his beliefs, his fans were at least surprised when Hasan bought a $2,7 million house in California. He immediately received a backlash for his purchase because it seemed like the opposite of a socialist act. The backlash grew even stronger when Hasan bought an expensive car, Porsche Taycan, as well. In response, Hasan made it clear that his earnings were completely transparent.   

Controversy of HasanAbi  

In 2019, Hasan harshly criticised the U.S. Army as well as its veteran, Dan Crenshaw, who later became U.S. Representative. What bothered Hasan was that Crenshaw publicly supported army invasion overseas, which would be quite understandable. Unfortunately, Hasan’s choice of words wasn’t the best since he called Crenshaw stupid for losing his eye and then supporting a decision like this. In the same stream, Hasan stated that America deserved the 9/11 attack for its policy. Unsurprisingly, Hasan’s words caused outrage, and his face appeared on Fox News once again, this time for worse reasons. Hasan eventually apologised for his exact language but stood his ground about the statement. Twitch banned his account for one week as a punishment.   

HasanAbi on YouTube   

Hasan decided to join YouTube in 2015 solely for fun. He already had a platform to share his knowledge and to tell his opinions, so YouTube wasn’t that important. Once he joined Twitch, Hasan started neglecting YouTube altogether because it was just a secondary platform. But as soon as he got more views on his streams, Hasan realised that he could use his YouTube channel as an advertisement for Twitch. Since then, most of Hasan’s YouTube content has included cut-outs and highlights of his Twitch streams. His most popular video is Gun Girl Gets Publicly Owned By Communists, with over 3,4 million views. His other popular videos usually have just as provocative titles, which are sure to attract more people.   

How much does HasanAbi earn? Net Worth  

As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be over 2,63 million U.S. dollars. His earnings were discussed a lot in 2021 after a large-scale information leak from Twitch happened. The leak included the financial earnings of many popular Twitch streamers, including HasanAbi.   

Interesting facts about HasanAbi  

  • As of 2023, he is 31 years old.   
  • His zodiac sign is Leo.  
  • His real name is Hasan Doğan Piker.   
  • He lived in Turkey before moving to the United States for education.   
  • He attended Rutgers University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree with honours with a double major in Communication Studies and Political science.   
  • He worked as a host and producer in a political show called The Young Turks.   
  • He was nominated for Shorty Award for his show, The Breakdown.  
  • He won the Streamer Awards in 2023 in the Best Just Chatting Streamer category.   
  • He has over 2,5 million followers on Twitch, with an additional 1,21 million subscribers on YouTube. 
  • His most popular video is Gun Girl Gets Publicly Owned By Communists, with over 3,4 million views.  
  • As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be over 2,63 million U.S. dollars.