Who is iiTzTimmy?

IiTzTimmy is a Korean American influencer who is active on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms. His real name is Tymothy An, and he was born on 19th April 2000 in California, United States. He is known for posting gaming-related content on his social media.   

Early life of iiTzTimmy  

Timmy grew up alongside his parents and older brother, and sister in a bay. While living there, Timmy spent a lot of time running outside and playing with his family before they moved to a bigger city, Texas. Growing up, Timmy didn’t have a hard time finding something to do because of his siblings, especially his older brother. Timmy used to spend hours watching his older brother play video games until he wanted to join him. When he was just 5 years old, Timmy started asking his brother to create a gaming account for him. Even though he initially resisted, he eventually agreed and created a first-ever gaming account for Timmy.

Gaming origins of iiTzTimmy  

His first game was called Maple Story, and he absolutely fell in love with it. Whether it was his brother’s influence or not, Timmy kept playing the game until he turned like 13 years old and started trying other popular games. His other favourite game while growing up was Soldier Front, which Timmy played from time to time. He would like to play it more, but unfortunately, the game wasn’t fully developed and was sure to give away viruses to the computer.   

Just around the time when Timmy turned 13, the third season of League of Legends started and was getting really popular. Since Timmy already loved watching videos of other players playing it, he wanted to try as well and downloaded League of Legends into his computer. At the same time, Timmy loved watching Shroud, who was usually streaming CS: GO on his Twitch. Timmy got inspired and began playing both of those games until he got good at them.   

When did iiTzTimmy start streaming?   

Once he got into playing League of Legends, Timmy tried his best to become good at the game. He did the same with CS: GO and started playing alongside his friends. After some time, his friends began telling him that he was a really good player and that he should make a career out of it. Timmy wasn’t sure but decided to give it to try. In 2016, Timmy created his Twitch account for the first time and started streaming. Same as his idol Shroud, Timmy tried to be a variety streamer. Besides just playing games non-stop, he was messing around, trying to play other games and even attempting to sing. Unfortunately, Timmy wasn’t feeling himself, and it looked that way. He felt cringe and uncomfortable making a clown out of himself while he was just trying to catch people’s attention. Since he was unsure of himself, Timmy failed to attract people to watch his streams, and eventually, he decided to quit streaming.   

Education of iiTzTimmy  

Once he graduated from high school, Timmy wanted to become a streamer and make a living out of it. But since he wasn’t successful and stopped streaming altogether, Timmy had to come up with a different plan. Since he didn’t come up with anything special, he just sent an application to some nearby colleges with the intention of pursuing higher education. One of his applications came back approved, and so Timmy went to study in college. He was managing to study a little, but deep down, he felt that he wasn’t going to succeed in the academic field.   

Since he was bored a lot, Timmy came back to casual gaming, when he played more games at the same time, not quite enjoying any of them. Luckily, one day he came around to a new game called Apex Legends. Since he wanted to know all about the hype, Timmy made an account and started playing. He got absolutely hooked up by the game and started playing it all the time, even at the cost of studying. While playing on a summer break in 2019, Timmy realised that he didn’t want to study anymore and decided to give streaming a second chance.   

iiTzTimmy on Twitch  

The second time around, Timmy decided to do his research and pay attention to the importance of creating a strategy. Since he was honest with himself, Timmy realised that the first time around, he was a cloud chaser. He did everything in his power to become famous and to become friends with some of the already popular streamers. The second time, Timmy chose a different approach, which basically was just being himself. He stopped asking people to join his stream and play with him. Instead, Timmy focused on Apex Legends and played by himself for months straight. Eventually, people started noticing his skills, praising his knowledge of the game and his insane plays. But what was even better than that, people started appreciating Timmy’s sense of humour during playing. Soon after, more people started joining his streams because they wanted to laugh with him.   

iiTzTimmy - Competitive gaming  

While he was popular with his audience because of his sense of humour, let’s not forget the fact that he was really good at Apex Legends. Timmy was a monster at the game, enjoying the colourful arenas and multiple choices of weapons. In 2019, he caught the attention of his first gaming organisation, the Golden Guardians. They noticed Timmy’s growing following on Twitch and signed him as a content creator.   

During that time, Timmy usually attracted way more viewers than ever before, but he wasn’t satisfied. He wasn’t going to stop at being a mediocre famous streamer, because he wanted to be the best. To attract more followers, Timmy set up a challenge for himself in 2021. He claimed that he would get 10000 damage in a solo game of Apex Legends. While this challenge was doomed to fail from the start, Timmy surprised everyone, including himself, when he scored incredible 9069 damage dealt. Since publishing this stream, everyone in the Apex community knew who Timmy was.   

Even though he managed to break the world record, Timmy was yet to be satisfied. He was attracting over 5000 viewers on every one of his streams, but Timmy still didn’t feel like he made it. Since his last challenge worked, Timmy decided on another one. This time, Timmy decided to hit master from bronze in a single stream. Keep in mind that it usually takes weeks. Once he was playing for a whole day straight, Timmy began losing hope. But after 33 hours of constant playing, he reached his goal. Just a few days later, Timmy got signed by a talent agency called Loaded, which represents only the best streamers and gamers.   

iiTzTimmy on YouTube  

After some time on the Twitch scene, most people figured out that Timmy couldn’t resist a good challenge. While he managed to hit his goal of becoming a famous gaming streamer, Timmy felt like there were more records to be broken. Since he realised that some people might not have the time to watch his multi-hours-long streams, Timmy decided to create a YouTube channel. On his channel, Timmy usually posts the best highlights and cut-outs of his streams. That way, it serves as a successful platform and an advertisement for his Twitch account. His most popular video is Apex For 55 Hours: The Movie / Solo Bronze – Pred / Apex Legends, with over 12 million views. The title said it all: While the 33-hour-long stream was intense, getting from bronze to predator in a single stream is absolutely insane. And Timmy made it look easy.   

How much does iiTzTimmy earn? Net Worth  

As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be over 800 thousand US dollars. Timmy managed to work his way through and to the top. Nowadays, he does what he loves every day and makes a living out of it.   

Interesting facts about iiTzTimmy  

  • As of 2023, he is 23 years old.   
  • His zodiac sign is Aries.   
  • His height is 5’8’ or 172 cm.   
  • His weight is 75 kilograms or 165 lbs.   
  • He grew up in the bay area before moving to Texas when he was 5 years old.   
  • His first game was Maple Story, which he learned to play with his brother.  
  • He started streaming in 2016 but failed the first time.  
  • He attended college for a brief moment but dropped out to try streaming again.  
  • The game that made him famous was Apex Legends.   
  • He broke a world record by dealing the most damage in a single-player game.   
  • He worked as a content creator for the Golden Guardians before signing a contract with a talent agency called Loaded.  
  • He has over 2,6 million followers on Twitch, with an additional 1,68 million subscribers on YouTube.
  • His most popular video is Apex For 55 Hours: The Movie / Solo Bronze – Pred / Apex Legends, with over 12 million views.  
  • As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be over 800 thousand US dollars.