Who is IronMouse?

IronMouse is a Puerto Rican-American VTuber and streamer who is active on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms. She was born on 11 January 1997 in the United States. Her real name and face aren't known. She is known as one of the most popular Virtual YouTubers.   

Medical condition of IronMouse  

When Mouse was quite young, she started having problems with breathing normally. Alongside the breathing difficulties, she experienced other symptoms, which didn't quite add up. When she was finally sent to a specialist, Mouse was diagnosed with an immune disorder called Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID). This disease caused Mouse to become much more sensitive to infections and viruses. Since the illness presents itself differently for everybody, Mouse had to wait a while to find out which areas were going to be affected the most.   

Unfortunately, Mouse's disease caused her a lot of difficulties with her lungs. Her symptoms presented themselves similarly to tuberculosis: she was coughing a lot, sometimes coughing up blood, and sometimes she felt like she was suffocating. Once, she was coughing so hard that she somehow managed to fracture her own rib. Naturally, in these conditions, Mouse couldn't count on finding a typical career since she was going to be home and in the hospital a lot.   

IronMouse in real life   

While Mouse spends a lot of her free time online, it wasn't always like that. She expressed a talent for singing at a very young age, which made her parents sign her up for singing lessons. But soon after, it became clear, that Mouse wasn't going to become a popular music singer since it would be a waste of talent. Without crazy training, Mouse was able to sing high-pitch notes without any major issues. Because of her ability and her passion for music, Mouse started training to become an opera singer. She could almost see her future open up in front of her when suddenly, she started getting sick all the time. Once she got diagnosed, Mouse realised that she was never going to become an opera singer and completely shut down.   

IronMouse real voice   

Besides her shining and a little crazy personality, Mouse is known all around the internet for her squeaky voice. Her high-pitched squeaky voice resonates nicely with her cute animation, but most people think that she is faking it. Unfortunately, the truth is quite different and a lot more depressing. Due to her disease, Mouse is very prone to any kind of sickness, which often affects her lungs. One illness she caught shortly after being diagnosed caused her to lose her voice for over a year. Once she learned how to talk again, her voice came out a lot higher than it was before, and it stayed that way.  

IronMouse before fame  

Since her disease causes her to easily catch any sickness in nearby areas, Mouse realised that she would have to spend most of her life isolated. Since she was always a very social person, this information made her depressed for weeks. After some time, Mouse started thinking about different ways to make friends instead of meeting them in real life. Mouse knew that she could connect with people via the internet, but she was very shy to show her face. One day, she saw Kizuna Al, who used a digital avatar instead of her real face. This avatar worked similarly to Instagram filters, screening the user's face and imitating its natural movement.   

Since she didn't have that kind of money to purchase an expensive avatar, Mouse looked for other options. A friend of hers purchased a face rig for her, and Mouse downloaded a free-to-use avatar from the internet. Mouse initially started streaming at a much smaller platform called YouNow. Once she felt more comfortable, Mouse moved platforms and started streaming on Twitch amongst other streamers.   

IronMouse on Twitch   

Mouse usually had very few viewers on her streams, but she didn't mind it at all. Her streams weren't meant to make her profit but to make friends. As long as she had someone to talk to, Mouse was happy with the outcome. This situation lasted from 2018 to 2020 when Mouse gained 20 regular viewers at best. The first time she noted some significant growth in her account was in 2020. This growth was caused by a worldwide boom in the popularity of VTubers (Virtual YouTubers). At the beginning of 2020, Mouse noticed that her viewer numbers grew astronomically.   

This growth helped Mouse in ways she thought weren't possible. Because of the profit, she could afford to treat her illness better, resulting in much more comfortable living conditions. Since she loved interacting with people via the internet, Mouse used a part of her profit to purchase a custom-made avatar. Since then, IronMouse has been known as an anime character with devil horns and purple-pink hair, with a high-pitched voice. That is the IronMouse that people learned to love.   

IronMouse and VShojo   

In 2020, VTubers all around the internet noticed a significant growth in popularity amongst platforms. Because of this unexpected boom in popularity, the VTubers got to know each other better and bonded over the experience. They became close friends, and eventually, they formed a foundation called VShojo. It was an agency of English-speaking VTubers who helped each other with promotion, setup and providing resources for virtual streaming. VShojo kept accepting new members from the rows of VTubers, such as Projekt Melody and SilverVale.   

IronMouse and CDawgVA   

Mouse met a fellow streamer and YouTuber, Connor (CDawgVA), through one of her streams and started talking to him. Even though Connor didn't know anything about VTubing and wasn't part of the community, he and Mouse became one of the best duos of the VTubing scene. Once they became friends, Mouse and Connor started regularly collaborating, which made them both a lot more famous.   

IronMouse subathon   

At the beginning of 2022, Mouse was already one of the most popular female Twitch streamers, despite her anonymity. While she isn't the only VTuber out there, Mouse feels more real than some of her colleagues. Since subathons became very popular and Mouse wanted to try one, she held her first subathon in February of 2022. The rules were pretty simple: for every donated amount, Mouse had to postpone the end of the stream for a few minutes. In the end, the stream lasted 31 whole days. The stream ran day and night, even when Mouse was sleeping. During the time of her subathon, Mouse became the eighth most-viewed streamer on Twitch in February.   

How much does IronMouse earn? Net Worth  

As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be between 600 and 800 thousand US dollars. Mouse's income depends entirely on her social media since she cannot do any regular job. She makes the most money from her streams in addition to YouTube videos.   

Interesting facts about IronMouse  

  • As of 2023, she is 26 years old.   
  • She hasn't shown her face or revealed her identity yet.   
  • She has an immune disorder called Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID).   
  • Her disorder causes her to be vulnerable to viruses, so she has to isolate herself.   
  • She started streaming on YouNow before switching to Twitch.   
  • She has over 1,5 million followers on Twitch, with an additional 800 thousand subscribers on YouTube.   
  • Her most popular video is Im A Trained Professional, with over 2,7 million views.   
  • She is a member of a VTubering agency called VShojo.   
  • As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be between 600 and 800 thousand US dollars.