Who is JakenbakeLive?

JakenbakeLive is an IRL streamer and content creator who is active on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms. His real name is Jake Abramson, and he was born on 28 July 1990 in Los Angeles, California, United States. He is known for posting videos from his everyday life on his social media.   

Education of JakenbakeLive   

Jake grew up thinking as a pragmatist, focusing on things which he could use later in life. So, once he had to decide about his future major, Jake had his mind set up straight. He chose a business major while attending some extra accounting classes. Since he was very smart, Jake graduated with a business degree in marketing and started thinking about other ways to learn more. He didn’t have to think long because Fudan University in China made the decision for him by sending him an invitation alongside a scholarship.

JakenbakeLive in China   

While he was a little scared at first, Jake decided to use this opportunity. He packed all his belongings and moved away from his family, straight to China. At Fudan University, Jake studied the Chinese language with an emphasis on Mandarin alongside Chinese culture and traditions. The more he learned about Asian culture, the more excited he got. Since he wanted to share his experience with locals, Jake bought a camera and started filming videos of his everyday life.   

After a quick edit, the videos were ready to be posted on the most popular Chinese streaming platform: Inko. Chinese people, especially students, loved his videos and the way Jake showed their culture. Jake realised that he enjoyed making videos and that he had probably found his new passion. When it was time to come back to America, Jake felt like he wasn’t ready, but he packed his things and went back.   

JakenbakeLive in Japan  

Once he came back to the United States, Jake felt like he was stuck. Suddenly, he didn’t want to do the high-paying job he chose, but he wanted to travel instead. Unfortunately, Jake didn’t have any choice back then, so he took a job in the marketing department at Livestar. The job itself was good, but Jake didn’t feel fulfilled by it. To ease his mind, Jake started taking Japanese language lessons in his free time, which made him happy. Since he had a talent for learning languages, Jake could speak passable Japanese in less than a year and began thinking about his next step. Jake knew that he missed travelling and the Asian culture, so he decided to quit his job and move to Tokyo in 2017.   

JakenbakeLive before fame  

Once he moved to Japan, Jake became obsessed with the new culture. There was so much to find out, to try and to visit. Since his videos on Inko were quite popular, Jake decided to try something similar once again and created his Twitch account. Since then, Jake always took his camera and backpack and went to discover the mysteries of Tokyo. He noticed that his fans on Twitch loved watching his streams, so he decided to expand his horizons. Since then, Jake began travelling all over Asia, finding new cultures and places, meeting new people and trying local food. Jake’s follower numbers were increasing, and he realised he had found his dream job. During the next few years, Jake became one of the best IRL (in real life) streamers on Twitch.   

JakenbakeLive on Twitch  

While Jake’s content alone attracted a lot of viewers to his channel, there were more reasons behind it. Once he started collecting his loyal fanbase in Japan, Jake began being recognised by people on the street and by other creators. Some other Asian content creators reached out to him and offered to collaborate with him. Some of those creators were very famous themselves, for example, LilyPichu, Fedmyster and Pokimane. Jake, of course, agreed to meet them, and their collaborations excited their fans. Once he was comfortable enough in front of a camera, Jake began streaming even while at home. He enjoyed playing some popular computer games as well and realised that his fans might enjoy watching them.   

JakenbakeLive on YouTube   

Jake created his self-titled YouTube channel in 2017 when he moved to Japan. His YouTube content is very similar to the theme of his streams, usually related to travel. Since his main platform was Twitch, Jake used his YouTube channel to attract more people to his streams. To accomplish that, Jake started posting montages of highlights and best-ofs from his streams, which usually contain the most hilarious moments. His most popular video is I want you to f**k me – Best Of JakenbakeLive #1, with over 1,5 million views. While he doesn’t have that many followers on YouTube, Jake still tries to make his videos interesting so it would inspire people to travel by themselves.   

Personal life of JakenbakeLive  

While Jake doesn’t reveal much information about his family and childhood, he proudly shows off his girlfriend. Her name is Water Lyn, and she is a successful Instagram model and a social media celebrity. She usually travels with Jake, keeping him company during his travels. Water knows most of Jake’s friends and likes to hang out with them. She usually appears in Jake’s videos and sometimes streams alongside him as well.   

How much does JakenbakeLive earn? Net Worth  

As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be over 850 US dollars. Jake makes most of his money off Twitch, which is why he was so stressed in 2022 when the rules changed. He even met with the president of Twitch, Dan Clancy, and said that he was disappointed with him.   

Interesting facts about JakenbakeLive  

  • His real name is Jake Abramson.  
  • As of 2023, he is 32 years old.   
  • His zodiac sign is Leo.   
  • His height is 6’2’’ or 188 cm.   
  • He graduated with a business degree in marketing.   
  • He got a scholarship from Fudan University in China, where he studied for two years.   
  • He learned Japanese by himself and moved to Tokyo in 2017.   
  • He started streaming on a Chinese streaming platform called Inko before switching to Twitch.   
  • He has over 600 thousand followers on Twitch, with an additional 490 thousand subscribers on YouTube. 
  • His most popular video is I want you to f**k me – Best Of JakenbakeLive #1, with over 1,5 million views.  
  • In 2023, he won the Streamy Award in the Best IRL Streamer category.   
  • He is currently in a relationship with an Instagram model, Water Lyn.   
  • As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be over 850 US dollars.