Anna Cattish

Who is Anna Cattish? 

Anna Cattish is a character designer from the animated show Monster High. She is known for her contributions to projects at Nickelodeon and Mattel, particularly in the early stages of Generation 3. Her work involved designing and illustrating characters, including both new designs and existing ones. Notably, her artwork was used as the basis for the illustrations featured on Core Series 1 doll boxes, showcasing her significant influence on the project. 

Is virtual Anna Cattish any different? 

Anna is a talented illustrator and animator hailing from Russia. Her unique art style is a delightful blend of cuteness and edginess, often infused with a touch of attitude. Anna primarily creates her artwork digitally, resulting in a collection of charming sketches and cartoons. She generously shares her daily creative endeavors on Instagram, allowing her audience to witness her artistic journey. Additionally, Anna is affiliated with a visual label known as Honkfu, where her artistic talents continue to shine. 

The creation of Anna Cattish 

Anna Cattish is an integral member of the Honkfu visual label, which specializes in crafting unique animations and character-driven imagery. The origins of Honkfu trace back over a decade when it was established as a collective of artists. Over the years, it has evolved into a boutique studio and label. Anna Cattish made her debut within the label three years after its inception. Now, a decade later, she has amassed an impressive following of nearly 472,000 dedicated fans on Instagram. Her artistic creations are characterized by a captivating blend of cuteness, edginess, and a hint of attitude. 

Interesting facts about Anna Cattish 

  • Anna Cattish is an illustrator and animator hailing from Russia
  • Her art style is characterized as cute, edgy, and often infused with a touch of attitude. 
  • Anna predominantly creates sketches and cartoons using digital mediums. 
  • She frequently shares her daily work and creations on her Instagram account. 
  • Anna is an integral part of the Honkfu visual label, known for its specialty in animation and character-based imagery. 
  • Honkfu initially started as a collective of artists over a decade ago before transforming into a boutique studio and label. 
  • With her unique art style and creative talent, Anna has garnered a substantial following of nearly 472,000 followers on Instagram