Who is Guggimon? 

Guggimon is a unique character owned by Superplastic, a company that creates animated synthetic celebrities, stylish clothing, and cool designer toys. He's a bit unusual and loves all things related to horror. In his own words, he's a "fashion horror artist" and makes music mixes. Some of his obsessions include handbags, axes, designer toys, Billie Eilish, and the spooky movie "The Shining." 

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Guggimon first appeared on the scene in June 2019. You might have seen him as part of Steve Aoki's team. He joined the famous DJ and producer on his Color of Noise tour, where he became one of the exciting stars of the show. Guggimon combines fashion, music, and a love for scary things to create his unique style. 

How was Guggimon created? 

Superplastic is a company that's famous worldwide for creating animated synthetic celebrities, cool designer toys, and stylish clothing. They're known for characters like Janky and Guggimon. Superplastic was started by an artist and entrepreneur named Paul Budnitz, who has been involved in projects like Kidrobot, Ello, and Budnitz Bicycles. The talented toy artist Huck Gee is in charge of the art and production. Many other creative people, with all sorts of backgrounds, also work at Superplastic. They're based in Burlington, Vermont, because it's a fantastic place. This information is from Superplastic themselves. 

Guggimon describes himself as a "fashion horror artist and mixtape producer" who's really into things like handbags, axes, designer toys, Billie Eilish, and the spooky movie "The Shining." 

Guggimon in Fortnite 

Virtual celebrity Guggimon has been making quite a name for himself on the internet. He's teamed up with big names like Gucci and Rico Nasty, and now he's made his way into the world of Fortnite. Fortnite is known for its cool crossovers with stuff like Star Wars, Marvel, and The Walking Dead. But this time, they're doing something different. They've brought in 'virtual celebrities' like Guggimon for their latest season. 

In Fortnite's Battle Pass, you'll find Guggimon hanging out with famous characters like Superman and Rick Sanchez. He's not just any animated character; he's got more than 2 million followers on TikTok and even has limited-edition toys that sell out super fast. 

Interesting facts about Guggimon 

  • Guggimon is a virtual celebrity known for his edgy and unique style. 
  • He describes himself as a "fashion horror artist & mixtape producer" and has a fascination with handbags, axes, designer toys, Billie Eilish, and "The Shining." 
  • Guggimon made his debut in June 2019 and quickly gained recognition in the world of virtual influencers. 
  • He has collaborated with high-profile brands like Gucci and Rico Nasty, showcasing his influence in the fashion and music industries. 
  • Guggimon has over 2 million followers on TikTok, where he shares his distinctive content. 
  • His likeness has been used for limited-edition toys that are highly sought after by collectors and often sell out quickly. 
  • Guggimon's appearance in Fortnite's Battle Pass marks a new era of virtual celebrities entering the gaming world, alongside iconic characters like Superman and Rick Sanchez.