Who is Noonoouri? 

Noonoouri, a 19-year-old animated fashion icon from Munich, Germany, has established herself as a prominent figure in the fashion industry. She has collaborated with numerous leading fashion brands and consistently captivates consumers with her distinctive style. Noonoouri effectively utilizes her platform to strike a balance between promoting fashion and advocating for social causes

As a passionate vegan, she actively promotes sustainable fashion practices and firmly opposes the use of fur. Her extensive presence includes appearances alongside various global fashion brands. The creative mind behind Noonoouri is Joerg Zuber, the founder of the creative agency Opium Effect. He has emphasized that the primary objective of Noonoouri is to entertain while also educating audiences through this innovative medium. 

Personality of Noonoouri 

In addition to her entertainment mission, Noonoouri is dedicated to raising awareness about important social issues. Beyond her digital persona, she is a committed vegan and a vocal advocate for sustainable fashion. She takes a strong stand against fur coats and refuses to promote them. While she doesn't actively use Twitter, she primarily connects with her 402,000+ followers on Instagram. You can also catch her on TikTok, where some of her videos have garnered over 50,000 likes

Music career of Noonoouri 

With an impressive following of over 400,000 on Instagram and her status as an IMG-signed model, Noonoouri has achieved another milestone for artificial intelligence. She has made history as the first exclusively digital popstar and the first to secure a record deal with Warner Music. 

Noonoouri has further solidified her presence in the world of entertainment by releasing her debut single "Dominoes" in collaboration with German DJ Alle Farben. Notably, her singing voice in the track was generated by artificial intelligence (AI), drawing inspiration from real human voices. The revenue generated from "Dominoes" will be distributed among all the creative individuals involved in the song, including songwriters, singers, and musicians. You can watch the music video for the song below. 

Interesting facts about Noonoouri 

  • Noonoouri is a digital character originating from Munich, Germany
  • Despite being a virtual influencer, Noonoouri has worked with numerous top brands in the fashion industry and has gained recognition for her unique style. 
  • Noonoouri is a vocal advocate for sustainable fashion and veganism. She refuses to wear fur and promotes ethical choices in the fashion world. 
  • She boasts over 400,000 followers on Instagram and also has a presence on TikTok where her videos have received thousands of likes. 
  • Noonoouri has made history as the first-ever strictly digital popstar and secured a record deal with Warner Music. She released her debut single "Dominoes" in collaboration with German DJ Alle Farben. 
  • Her singing voice in "Dominoes" was generated by artificial intelligence, drawing inspiration from real human voices, marking a significant milestone in the AI-driven music industry.